The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me,
Because the Lord has anointed me
To bring good news to the afflicted;
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to captives
And freedom to prisoners...   Isaiah 61

 Our purpose at Love Never Fails is to do 1 thing... to help you.

Why are you here? 

 Who are we, and why are we here?

What determines right & wrong? Me?

Why are you here NOW?

We want to give you things that will last... things that will help you solve the issues you are facing.

This is really not from us but from God.

The will of God never takes you where the grace of God will not protect you.  

If you are hurting please continue to read & look around.
Hurting or not, you are here for a reason... you may find something you are looking for.

The Bible is full of wisdom we can use if we apply it in the right way.  It says the Lord directs our steps. (Isaiah 48.17) Therefore I believe you are here... on this site... at this time... for a reason. At one time or another, we are all looking, seeking for the missing 'something' in our life. We won't ever find all of it this side of Heaven but the Word of God is true, and it says if you are truly seeking, you will be finding, keep knocking and it will keep opening for you. If you're really, truly want answers you will find what you're looking for.




When you move from a state of unbelief to a state of belief your life changes. 
That is what the word repentance means, "to change". Think about that.  What do you believe? When someone asks the Lord into their life they are saying the now believe in His work, His sacrifice for us, His gift.  If you're not sure about that, ask Him to show you the truth and He will.   
When someone 'believes' something will change inside... the Holy Spirit does not force Himself on anyone. But if you ask He will come. Some people sense something right away.  For others it may take a little while but you'll notice changes in your circumstances and the way you feel and react to things.  You must learn to trust Him.  It takes practice to break old mental habits and trust Him.  You just work on it daily and then soon, you'll know something is really happening... you are not what you were,  you are not the same. 

The Bible says when this happens we are changed, transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light.  You may not see it right away but you are a new person.  Once you really get what Jesus did for you,
 gratitude will flow from your innermost being.  I came to a place where I said,  "Whatever you want... I want.  I want to help You to let others know You.  I want them to feel this." It was and still is amazing.  Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand which means its available right now, right where you are.  It's right next to you, eternal life begins now.  He really wants to have a close, personal, loving, intimate relationship with you.

Will you let Him?  It starts with believing... 

  Love Never Fails